Dagens (working title) Dagens is the main project for Applitude's iOS group. The problem that the app solves is to get information about the meal of the day on SiO restaurants in a fast and organized way. The meals will show in a sorted list along with how far the user is from the different restaurants (geographically). This means that when you open the app, you'll instantly see which meals that are available in your proximity.

  Paletti Paletti is Gaute's biggest iOS project so far. The app let's users save and name color codes in palettes (folders) which then by iCloud-sync becomes accessible on multiple iOS devices. In addition, it also has some cool features like color scanning by camera and reorganization of colors by automatic scrolling if one pulls the color cell to the top or bottom of the screen.

  Binary Converter Binary Converter is a small scale android project that Stein Petter has been working with in his spare time. This app takes ordinary numbers and convert them to binary numbers and vice versa. For instance, if you write the number 2, you'll get the binary number 10.

  Hjernevekker Hjernevekker is an iOS project written in Objective-C that Espen developed some years ago. It's an alarm clock that wakes you up with physical and theoretical challenges and makes sure the user becomes awake when the alarm goes off. It also has some cool features like fetching the weather from the users current position, flashlight and other cool features.